11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (2024)

Hey Bloxburg player, are you looking for ideas to build luxury, cheap, modern, ultra-modern, and out-of-the-world houses? Do you want to surprise your fellow gamers with your beautiful house creation idea? Yes, then this is the post where you need to be.

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In this post, I am going to share some of the latest and Great Bloxburg Houses ideas that you can use in 2021. If you are thinking of making a new Bloxburg house, then this post has everything for you. Here, we have shared some of the best Bloxburg houses ideas that can be made at a very cheap price. I am also going to list a YouTube video along with every house idea so that it’s become easy for you to create your Bloxburg house.

Best Bloxburg Houses Ideas for your Next Mansion

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (2)

Here’s the collection of the best Bloxburg houses ideas, along with videos to easily create them. It doesn’t matter what your demand is; the below-mentioned list has something for everyone. Just build your dream house at a very affordable price by using the below-mentioned ideas.

1. Luxurious Modern Mansion

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Do you want to fulfill your dream of living in a luxurious mansion? Then, try out the Blush modern mansion designed by Frenchrxses. A mansion of everyone’s dream, full of richness and high-class furniture. The mansion is two stories and consists of a bedroom, living room area, study table, kitchen, and many other spaces that you can add manually.

This Bloxburg house idea is only recommended to those people who don’t have any restrictions on their budget or have access to game pass items.

2. Hillside Mansion

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (4)

Hillside Mansion is another high-budget mansion that you can build if you are not a luxurious type of person and don’t want all the luxurious items mentioned in the above mansion. It is a simple but still super-luxury mansion design by YouTube Cylito. The building cost of this luxurious mansion is 188K, and it comes along with a fireplace, pond, huge open area, personal waterfall, and many other luxurious places.

You can check out the official video of Cylito on how to create this beautiful luxurious mansion. But always remember luxurious things ask for huge money.

3. Colonial House

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (5)

Designed by YouTuber Anix, Colonial House is all about elegance and style. The best part about this mansion is that it has been built without using any game pass. It has a rich interior and comes along with a pool, garden area, and many other places to explore. It’s definitely a house with a decent structural layout. Talking about the interior, you will get a massive kitchen and a living room, four bedrooms, along with a separate room for kids.

Check out the video by Anix on how to create this Colonial house without using any game pass. This single-story mansion has everything that you will be looking for in a mansion.

4. Cheap Modern House

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (6)

This mansion is among the best Bloxburg houses ideas, as it allows gamers to create a beautiful mansion by just spending 10k from their pocket. It is a totally budget-friendly mansion. Developed by YouTuber Ethrielle, this is a singular-story mansion that can be built without a game pass. From bedroom to stylish bathroom, this Bloxburg house contains everything that you can imagine in a modern house.

Check out the video to find out how you can create this amazing house at a very cheap price, and that too without a gaming pass.

5. Mini Mansion

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (7)

Developed by YouTuber Anix, it is another budgets friendly mansion that can be made at just 30k. This attractive mansion comes along with a dedicated garage and yard. Its interior is also very modern and stylish and has a separate study room, medium-sized kitchen, and a wooden finished dining table. The mansion is suitable for a small family as it offers two bedrooms and dedicated bathrooms.

Check out the video by YouTuber Anix on how to create this Mini Mansion in Bloxburg.

6. Lakeside Cheery Blossom Mansion

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (8)

Welcome to the beautiful castle of Bloxburg; it offers everything and more that you can ask for. This mansion contains huge rooms furnished with marbles. Gamers will get three luxurious bedrooms along with two bathrooms in this castle. The castle is also surrounded by waterfalls and greenery from all sides.

This is definitely the castle of everyone’s dreams, and what more can you ask for when you have this castle alongside with you.

7. Blush Pink House

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (9)

If you are fond of pink color, then this is the Mansion that you must be looking for. The Mansion works on the pink theme and provides the best aesthetics that you can think of. Living in this Mansion is definitely going to boost your personality as everything looks custom-made.

The best part about this mansion is that it can be made by just spending 30k. You can even make various changes to the Mansion as per your demands and the looks that you want.

8. Lapis Lakehouse

We all have dreamt of having a house just next to a water body. Lapis Lakehouse is the best way to fulfill your dream and relax your mind. It’s the best place to keep yourself free from the sound and Hustle of the city. Creating this mansion is very easy, and anyone can make it.

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (10)

The mansion is based on a southern reality theme, with interiors covered with white color. Big windows have been used all over the house for the east air movement.

9. Aesthetics Loft

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (11)

A house that is the perfect combination of futuristic kinds of stuff and traditional items at the same time. It is based on a beautiful black and white interior theme. While climbing the stairs that will take you to the second story, it feels like you are entering another world.

This house is a perfect mixture of black and white highlights. Everything in this house is placed perfectly, and there is just nothing to complain about.

10. Simple Townhouse

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (12)

Lastly, we have something for the people who want a simple but yet a big enough house to live comfortably with their family. It is a huge mansion, and every room has been given enough space so that it feels like every member of the family has its own privacy.

This house is specially made for a big family, and its creation just cost 29k. Most importantly, if you are creative enough, then you can always do some changes in the house to satisfy your creativity.

11. One-Story Family Mansion

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (13)

Who doesn’t dream of a family mansion where you can have your own pond, movie theater, bedrooms with lots of space, and an office where you can work with no disturbance. That’s exactly what this one-story family mansion offers. It has three separate bedrooms, a dining area, four bathrooms, a movie theater, a stunning kitchen, a pond on the outside of the house, and lots of outside space for kids to play.

The cost of building this house is nearly 250K. To get a complete walkthrough of how to build this house, you can check out this video of Ethrielle, where you can see him speed-building this house.

Final Words

So these are the latest Bloxburg house ideas of 2022. With this list, you can easily pick one of your favorites and start building it with the help of the videos that are attached to the list. We will keep you updated with more latest Bloxburg house ideas on this page; until then, you can reach out to us through the comment section.

11 Bloxburg House Ideas for Your Next Mansion (2024)


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